1. If you are aware of a state which you call ‘is,’

    Or reality, or life, this implies another state called ‘isn’t.’

    Or illusion, or unreality, or nothingness, or death

    There it is, you can’t know one without the other

    And so, as to make life poignant

    It’s always got to come to an end

    — Alan Watts




  5. My formula for life is very simple: in the morning, wake up; at night, go to sleep. In between I try and occupy myself as best I can.
    — Cary Grant

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  6. We don’t get to stay in moments and that should not be news to you. We are both familiar with the concept of time, the awful math of it, how our history always gets larger, less understandable, overweight, overworked, over and over, and memories get misfiled and complicate feelings for no good reason and some people seem more able to deal with this, to keep their histories clean and well ordered but I still don’t understand why we came unstuck from those moments we wanted to stay and why the moments we wanted to forget still haunt us.
    — —Catherine Lacey, Nobody Is Ever Missing



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  11. photojojo:

    Every now and then, a roll of film that should never have been used produces downright beautiful results. 

    On a recent road trip to California, photographer Mike Burchett accidentally shot a roll of film that had been cooking in the hot sun for hours, creating some dreamy effects on his photos.

    Heat-Damaged Roll of Film Produces Beautiful Results

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